Julien Jodoin-Eng

Juj 2

Project Organizer, Head of Construction

Julien Jodoin-Eng is the creator of the Firefly Eco Cabin Project. Julien is an artist and builder who has experience working with many different materials and mediums such as: carpentry, stone masonry, stone sculpting, landscaping, natural building/eco projects, fine arts as well as large-scale mural painting and conventional construction.

” The Firefly Eco Cabin Project will be an opportunity to introduce sustainable building into the creative and youth-focused environment of the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. For me, as an artist and builder, this project is about learning to interact with nature in a responsible way. I hope for this to be the first of many community-based eco projects. “

Michael Barton


Engineer, Green Building Consultant

Michael Barton has Master’s degrees in Engineering as well as Environmental Studies. Michael specializes in ecological buildings and has been responsible for a number of “firsts” in Nova Scotia, such as the first “Earthship” style house, the first and second hempcrete buildings, and the first true greywater system.


Chris O’Neill


Executive Director at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

Chris O’Neill, along with Ken Shwartz and the local community, built the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. Chris and Ken also built Two Planks and a Passion Theatre, a nationally recognized professional theatre which grew from a tiny two person volunteer organization into an award-winning company.




The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is lucky to have the help of enthusiastic volunteers. International volunteers stay at the centre in the form of a work exchange, while local volunteers visit for the day to help out. This summer, the Firefly Eco Cabin Project will be one of the many things going on for volunteers to get involved with.